About Us

At Darwin, some of our most important products don't come from plants. They come from listening to - and working with - customers. That's because we're committed to total quality management.

It's a commitment not only to the quality of the products we distribute and sell, but to the quality of the relationships we build with customers and suppliers. You see, we understand that our job doesn't stop with great products. We work to meet the demands of our customers on every level - from the person mixing the product at the plant to the purchasing agent to the people in the lab to accounting and everyone in between.

More than that, we constantly work on ways to make our services - and ourselves - match your needs more closely. Our marketing and sales people look for and develop more productive ways that allow you to use our chemicals more effectively than ever.

When you turn to Darwin, you're turning to a team dedicated to what's most important of all. You, the customer.

Our real Specialty is Service

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